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The Mind Body Harmonizer
A Gentle Stimulation Tool for Relaxation, Stress Management and Meditation.

See official website ... http://harmonizer.ca

An electronic massage tool to help Canadians relax and avoid stress. It may make Meditation easier to learn. The Harmonizer is based on traditional stimulation tools for relaxing and reducing stress developed in 1902 in France and later refined in the 1980s by Bob Beck. Bob, an electrical engineer in the 1990s, designed and published documentation on a number of mild electronic stimulation devices used on the ear lobes for relaxation, concentration and stress relief. We have improved upon Bob’s original design to make it gentler and more versatile.

The Mind Body Harmonizer is based on the non-patented, open source work of Bob Beck. He wanted the world to benefit from the concept without it being locked down by a corporation. There are many such machines sold in Canada and the USA, marketed simply for relaxation and stress relief.

We worked with Bob Beck’s open source design and consulted modern neuroscience knowledge to come up with a more effective tool for Relaxation, Stress Relief and we added a Meditation assistance frequency. We manufacture the improved device under the name Mind Body Harmonizer. We have open sourced the design in the spirit of Bob Beck’s work.

Our design uses the traditional frequencies of stimulation recommended by Bob Beck including 0.5 hz, 100hz and 14.3 hz.

Our Innnovation … 40 hertz for Meditation:

We added 40 hz based on the brain research funded by the Dalai Lama on Buddhist Meditation and brain wave frequencies. The research showed that experienced monks at the peak of meditation have dominant brain waves at 40 hz. Later we discovered that German research showed that gentle 40 hz stimulation can trigger lucid dreaming. As we learned more it seemed obvious that 40 hz needed to be added to the standard set of relaxation device frequencies for many reasons …


If you read the article there are many reasons to expect that 40 hz may be more effective at deep relaxation as well as meditation.

We manufactured 100 units and sold them worldwide. There were no returns over the last year. Our device falls into the consumer relaxation device category and is now being advertised as a device for relaxation, stress management and to help with meditation. It is not used for disease management. Our innovations is called “Harmonic Resonance” because 40 hz stimulation is used in an attempt to encourage a higher brainwave frequency by resonance.

We apologize for mentioning any medical applications in the last few months. Our preference is to keep the machine an inexpensive consumer device with no medical claims. This allows us to keep the price low.

In the Standard setting, the machine uses a natural brain frequency of 40 hertz which is the Gamma brainwave frequency of a healthy brain. 40 hz brainwaves are associated with meditation. The study below shows that German researchers were able to trigger lucid dreams using 40hz applied to the forehead. Some purchasers are experimenting with this application. The harmonizer is mainly meant for relaxation and stress reduction without drugs. It can also be used to assist with learning meditation. It may or may not induce lucid dreaming … open to amateur self experimenters. We have no feedback yet on this application. We encourage amateur self experimentation and collaboration. There are no other Bob Beck type relaxation devices offering 40 hertz.

What is it?

The Mind Body Harmonizer is an experimental device similar to what is known in North America as a relaxation and stress management device providing mild AC brain stimulation. AC stimulation, since it does not polarize the brain like DC, is harmless at any frequency as long as the current applied is in the range of 3 milliamps or less. In Europe it is called “ElectroSleep” and its marketed to relax people who cannot sleep. The mind body harmonizer is used as a relaxation and stress relief device which may also assist with Meditation and Lucid Dreaming.

Various frequencies of stimulation of the earlobes has produced different effects. Some frequencies are better than others for relief of stress and relaxation. Traditionally all Bob Beck machines used 100 hertz, 14.3 hertz and 0.5 hertz which we included in our design.

Our machine is a consumer device oriented towards relaxation, stress relief and amateur self research. We have added the 40hz stimulation to interest amateur researchers experimenting with meditation and lucid dreaming. It’s effects in these areas are yet to be determined. We looked into modern neuroscience to select 40 hz. The other frequencies are traditional relaxation device waveforms.

The middle setting uses a 13.4 hz waveform which is the second Harmonic of the electric field of the atmosphere. This was added because other consumer relaxation devices all have offered it for decades. Only the 40 hertz Standard setting is based on actual brain wave research.

The Relief setting uses traditional standard 100 hz waveforms for relaxation that have also been used in consumer devices for decades.

The software and waveforms are open source. We can program in special frequencies for professional or amateur researchers to test new waveform designs based on modern neuroscience.
In a nutshell

The technology is simply used by attaching the ear clips to the ear lobes using a conductive gel to assure good contact. A stimulation waveform is selected and the unit is turned on and adjusted until it is supplying a gentle electric waveform through the earlobes. It shuts off automatically after about 20 minutes. A century of use of this relaxation tool suggests this be repeated daily for 2 or 3 weeks. After that it can be used as needed.

Our design is “Blind Friendly.” That means it can be operated with no need for vision. It can be operated in the dark as well.

History of Electric Stimulation

Electric stimulation for relaxation is much older than its USA use, going back to 1903 in France and much earlier. Electric Stimulation was used by ancient Roman doctors with electric fish for health improvement. In ancient Egypt electric fish were used for health. This type of tool remained popular in almost all countries worldwide from 1840 to the present time. Our device is meant only for relaxation, stress management, experimentation with lucid dreaming and meditation.
Magic of 40 Hertz Stimulation

We have added 40hz brain stimulation. Over the last century people have used various frequencies for these devices. Our frequency is based on modern knowledge of neuroscience. You can try it out and see for yourself if it improves on the traditional designs. Research is needed to verify the benefits. Lucid dreaming experiments also use 40 Hertz stimulation of the head. See the research papers from Germany =>
We would be interested in hearing feedback from people who try the Lucid Dreaming experiment. Since this 40 hz is also the natural resonant frequency of a healthy brain we are encouraging the brain to come into a natural harmonic resonance. We are calling this “Harmonic Stimulation”. This 40 hz is the Standard setting because of positive feedback from users. Users report clearer thinking, relaxation, stress relief and meditation. We are making no claims but clearly amateur researchers should focus on these effects.

We are introducing this as a consumer device that might be available at the hardware or drug store to be used for relaxation and stress.

See Open Source Waveforms in the Menu. We can support other stimulation patterns and frequencies researchers are interested in if you order 10 units or more .
How to Use Harmonizer

The machine was designed with blind users in mind. A tactile style toggle switch was selected to make our device “Blind Friendly.” We make no claims at this point but have selected waveforms based on USA research which are known to be effective for relaxation, stress relief and meditation. How well our device works needs research from you! Worldwide, similar devices are available as consumer devices without a prescription and they also make no medical claims and are simply used for relaxation / stimulation.

Our vision is for these devices to be available at health food stores. We only claim it is good for relieving stress and for relaxation like other consumer health aids. We added an additional “Meditation” setting which may help to quiet the mind for meditation. Research needs to be done using the Mind Body Harmonizer to establish relaxation and stress reduction potential of all three modes. Student users of 40 hz stimulation have reported that, when relaxed, distracting thoughts are less common, and its easier to concentrate on university lectures. This is just being explored by us.

A volume type control sets the intensity of stimulation. Three modes of operation are offered by the toggle switch.
Daily Duration of Use

These relaxation devices are usually used 2 times per day for 20 minutes/session for 1-3 weeks. Others use it several times a week on a permanent basis or daily on a permanent basis. It exists as a tool for Canadians to enjoy. We make no claims.
User Replaceable Rechargeable Battery

Rechargeable battery is a user replaceable nickel metal hydride that can be purchased in most cities.

Open Source Licence for Waveforms
We have a provisional patent on the waveforms to establish the date of invention for the GPL3 open source licence. The provisional patent will be abandoned in 2015. We are publishing the waveforms used as Open Source so that researchers can freely publish their work. Only through the sharing of waveform data can companies move forward quickly and optimize such home use devices.

We are designing experimental electro-medicine devices for such conditions as depression, OCD etc. Similar to Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation.

We strive to supply electro medical tools and health information to improve health without prescription drugs. Our first tools are for treating psychiatric disorders with drug addiction treatment tools in the works. We are keeping them listed as experim

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