Short sword workshop
10:00 am - 17 March 2020

At The Blacksmith's Craft

Short sword workshop

The sword making workshop runs for 4 mornings 10am2pm total of 16hrs Well have an introduction to the shop for the first hour This will cover personal safety and ...

Antarctic Peninsula: Whale watching, exploring ...
12:00 am - 18 March 2020

At Rockfish Divers

Antarctic Peninsula: Whale watching, exploring and diving!

Join Alisa and Tyler from Rockfish as they embark on an adventure into the Antarctic Circle that includes whale watching scuba diving ice burgs penguins and so much ...

Last 2017 Winter Market
10:00 am - 30 January 2021

At Moss Street Market

Last 2017 Winter Market

The last winter market of 2017 is tomorrow Saturday January 30 10am to noon in the Garry Oak Room 2018 winter markets continue every Saturday